Stat-up of Samaiya on the evening of Satam:

40 years old navdhari Shree Bahuchraji’s Angi has burned because of flame for some incomprehensible reason. The doubts were created in brahmin’s mind on that time late.Shree Ravishankar Pragjibhai Mehta and late.Shree Devshankarbhai Parshottambhai Mehta went to Ahmedabad for taking new Angi. and stayed in late.Shree Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval’s house. when late.Shree Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval knows that they came for buying new Angi than he told that I gave you Rs.11 for buying Angi. On that time late.Shree Ravishankar Pragjibhai Mehta and late.Shree Devshankarbhai Parshottambhai Mehta were take with them the late.Shree Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval’s son Shree Ramshankarbhai Premshankarbhai Raval(Age-12 years).

They took Angi from Manekchok(Ahmedabad) and went to the Ambaji from Palanpur from Mehsana and came at Bahuchraji and from there they landed on Dhaki railway station from Viramgam through fast train. On this side, the news were came that they are coming with Mataji’s new Angi so honourable leaders of Lilpur told that we should go by ourselves for welcoming the Mataji. Thus, all people of village were doing the preparation for goddess Bahuchrajima’s “Samaiya”. When late.Shree Ravishankar Pragjibhai Mehta, late.Shree Devshankarbhai Parshottambhai Mehta and Shree Ramshankarbhai Premshankarbhai Raval enter in the gate of village with new Angi at that time some people have seated them at near the school and informed that people wanted to do the Samiya for Mataji.

There was a very unique zealness in Lilapur. Brahmins were came into the village with new Angi, did its Samaiyu and everbody came in chachar with lots of hapiiness and enjoyment and from there Angi has been put on the “Mangaldeep”. WhenThree and half day’s Bhavai has been finished, the Angi has been put in the late.Shree Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval’s puja house. After that year, for Samaiya of “Ma”, Angi has been taken from the house of the leader of association late.Shree Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval and went to the school and goddess Bahuchraji’s Samaiya has been done. On the Saptami of Navratri, as per tradition of doing the Samaiya at the evening,goddess Bahuchraji’s Angi’s Samaiya has been done.

All the adorers have very happiness and zealness when the association come into chachar with mataji. After came into chachar, the process of putting the chachar or in other word “process of biniding the ‘pad’” has been done which is done by association’s main person. Once chachar has binded than the “ Vandh”(On once own body make wound through sword) has been put by that main person. This tradition is continue today yet. After that everbody has go for flaming the Mangaldeep and than there has been start-up of Bhavai.

Ashtami of Aso:

Ashtami of navratri means ma Ashtbhujali(having eight hands)’s being there that kind of feel at each and every moment. On this day, infinite flow of adorers has continued. Because of Bhavai’s start-up, there is an incrementation in identity of Ashtami.

The swang has played on mid-night of Ashtami is on the top of Lilapur’s bhavai and spiritualisam. late.Shree Keshavalalbhai Jayshankarbhai Jani do this swang in strting. As time gone, that swang done by Late Shree Pratapbhai Balshankar Raval.

He takes forward this swang’s identity. He gave the dedication towards creating an atmosphere and dialogues for swang. Shree Ramshankar Premshankar Raval was instructed by Late Pratapbhai Balashankar Raval for impersonating the role of “BAHUCHAR MATAJI” as Late Pratapbhai Balashankar Raval and his wife had seen the same dream and believed that it should be the order of “BAHUCHAR MATA”. So in this way the terminology of impersonating is totally changed and people looking it as the centre of faith in god. Day to day it is becoming an ocean of religious beliefs for “ASHTAMI NI RATRI”. First of all in the evening “aarti” it feels like we are at the “AMBAJI TEMPLE”.

The role of “KANSARA AND MUNDA” has been done without any mantras of Indian religion. As this kind of process is done at many places but the speciality of LILAPUR regarding to this is that after some time of its been ended, not a single mark or scratch remains there on the body and this is the proof of the faith which all have who plays the role over there.

Even today the celebration of three and half day is organized with the same faith as it was in early time.

Navami & Dasera (Bhandaro):

After the celebration of three day and “BHAVAI” all of us who present over there take prasadam of MATAJI.

First of all prasadam is offered to MATAJI and then each and every whether older or younger takes it and this is known as “BHANDARO”. There are many donators for organizing “BHANDARO” in navratri celebration.
This happens till now also.

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