The village Lilapur:

Lilapur is a small and very beautiful village in the Lakhtar county; the district of Surendranagar of the state of Gujarat. To reach there, only the highway is main. The main railway passes through connecting the Ahemadabad-Saurashtra from the outskirts of Lilapur.

To come through the railway, near Lilapur approx 5 km far there is one railway station named Dhanki and on the other side, approx 5 km far there is a Kesariya railway station where the local train has been hold. Yet, in this interior village, like a dignity of the Indian Culture (mainly the Gujarat’s) BHAVAI is live still today . The people of Lilapur village has proud of it. For establishment of Lilapur village, there are three castes: Brahmin (Mandaliya Raval), Patel (Thadoda) and Bharwad (Lilapara).

To the sign of that, a month of Jeth’s first Sunday; adoration has been done on the door of rural goddess yet today which is done by three castes together. As time has gone, Rajput, Thhakkar, Goswami( by conversion) , Ramanandi, Nai(Valand), Kumbhar, Luhar, Vaghri etc castes have come and living in the Lilapur village.

There are many places of god and goddess in Lilapur in which the main are: the temple of goddess Tuljabhavanima, the temple of goddess Shaktima, the temple of goddess Meldima, the temple of Lord Shiva Nilkanth Mahadev, Swaminarayan temple of Shriji Ganshyam Maharj, Varadiya dave’s goddess shri Aja-Dhana’s temple and also there is a five pir’s dargah in the outskirts of village.( nobody muslims in the village). This Lilapur village is like a kind of a beautiful religious garden.

Starting of celebration of Navratri:

Vikram Samvat 1956, In 1900 before the 115 years, the thought of the celebration of Navratri was came in mind of . He was the ritual scribe of the village and elder in age so everybody was give them to respect. When on the day of Rakshabandhan Vikram Samvat 1956, Date:10/08/1900; all Brahmins came together for changing the Janoi, He expressed his view that in this land Chappaniyo Kal has made so we should also worship of Shakti with the worship of Lord Shiva. May God’s please be happen and Rain will come, The water has been meet to inarticulate animals.

In this worst time he instructated for doing some extra worship and told that we should do the worship of goddess Parambika, do garba etc in part of spiritual work. Even the traditional follower, some Brahmin family agreed forthe celebration of Navratri. Other castes of village like Ramanandi, Kumbhar, Rajput, Nai,Patel are also agreed for celebration of navratri.

Chalakha are bounded by youngsters of Patel and Rajput castes. Kumbhar family( late. Shree Jayram Bhagat) made the traditional instrument “ Garbo” from clay. Because of no facility of electricity, Ramanandi society( late. Shree Damodardas dada) arranged oil for tourch for making the light and Nai society keep mashal in their hand and co-operate till the garba were played. On the empty box of teain the clay’s port lamp lite

Thought of Bhavai(Jattar):

Navratri had been continuously celebrated very nicely and more batterly on second year. Living in the Lilapur late. Shree Laljibapa Mehta’s (Brahmin) daughter and late. Shree Bhaishankarbhai lalji Mehta’s sister has been married in Thaker family in village of Kanz. So occasionally Mehta family has used to gone in the Kanz. Late.

Shree Bhaishankarbhai lalji Mehta family get the chance of seeing the played Bhavai in Kanz village. He thought that we also should do the Bhavai in Lilapur. Son of Mehta family late. Shree Bhaishankarbhai lalji Mehta and late. Shree Kalidasbhai Keshavjibhai Raval had represent his thought between everbody who collaborate in celebration of navratri in Lilapur. But the persons who were not easily agree because of conservative religion tradition and another Brahmin friends have thought that in Viramgam late Shree Ravishankerbhai Pancholi and family also goes in Bahucharaji for Bhavai so we should advise from pancholi family’s honourable Shree Ravishankerbhai Pancholi. Everbody went to Viramgam and met with Shree Ravishankerbhai Pancholi and has know with communicating him that There are two meaning of bhavai. The first one is Bhavai and Second one is Jattar. Bhavai means Bhav- Shiv and Iss- Shakti. So meaning of Bhavai is Shiv-Shakti.

The second one Jattar’s meaning is Go and float means You go in phases of Shree Ma and carry on your life. He informed with signification of bhavai(Jattar) that there are three parts of navratri. First three navratri is for Mahakali, Second three for Mahalakshmi and Third three for Mahasarasvati. We all are Audichya Brahmin so we should do bhavi in the last part of Navratri. He also explained what shoud do and how to do in Bhavi. By this way Brahmin friends came in Lilapur and explained all things among all the people who collobrated with the celebration of navratri.

Every member has perceive that point suitable and decide for doing bhavai(Jattar). But because of Sharad Navratri being very close and having lots of knowing and learning about the Bhavai, garba were played on the third year continuasly same as previous two years. And in that navratri everybody decided that we all have see and learn the the bhavai done by viramgam’s pancholi famiy in the month of Chaitra at Bahuchraji and the bhavai which is done in Kanz in the month of chaitra and after that will do bhavai in Lilapur.

Start-up of Bhavai(Jattar):

Brahmins of Lilapur had got the primary knowledge of Bhavai in Kanz and Bahuchraji in which
(1) late. Shree Bhaishankerbhai Laljibhai Mehta (2) late. Shree Devshankarbhai Parshottambhai Mehta (3)late. Shree Preamshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Jani (4) late. Shree Hiralalbhai Chatrabhujbhai Raval (5) late.Shree Kalidasbhai Keshvjibhai Raval (6) late. Shree Mohanlalbhai Parshottambhai Mehta (7)late. Shree Sadashivbhai Jayshankarbhai Jani (8)late.Shree Vishvambharbhai Narbherambhai Raval (9)late.Shree Keshavlal Jayshankarbhai Jani (10)late.Shree Durlabhjibhai Gangabhai Raval (11)late.Shree Ravishankarbhai Pragjibhai Mehta (12)late.Shree Dayashankarbhai Pragjibhai Mehta (13)late.Shree Manishankarbhai Pragjibhai Mehta (14)late.Shree Girjashankar Pragjibhai Mehta (15) late.Shree Chhotalalbhai Pragjibhai Mehta (16)late.Shree Devshankarbhai Bhaishankarbhai Mehta (17)late.Shree Ishwarbhai Pitambarbhai Mehta (18)late.Shree Girjashankar Dave etc. besides

late.Shree Damodardasji Ramanandi, late.Shree Jayrambhai Kumbhar, Rajput and late.Shree Maganbhai Nai(Valand), late.Shree Ranchhodbhai Sundarbhai Nai(Valand), late.Shree Mohanlalbhai Jani , Patel society’s families etc’s co-operation in Lilpur on the first time Bhavai(Jattar)’s very good arrangement had been done on Vikram Samvat 1959 Aso Sud Ekam date:22/09/1903 at Tuesday. In which navratri’s ekam to Chhath as per tradition Arti, Garba and around Garbi were played. After that Aso sud satam, atham, nom and half day of the Dashera by this three and half day of Bhavai(Jattar) has been started.

For some years they get the co-operation of Kanz’s Bhavai’s experts. Neasasory tools for Bhavai and another help and arrangements were done by Hiralalbhai Chatrabhujbhai Raval, Premshankarbhai Umiyashankarbhai Raval, Vishvambharbhai Narbherambhai Raval and Ramanandi, Kumbhar, Rajput,late.Shree Mahantdada Goswami(cause of change of religion), Nai(Valand), Patel etc. To understand the fineness of bhavai; Bhudevs of Lilapur went to different places and got the knowledge of Music, Dance of Bhavai, Its Pagda, Saz etc.

Intact Flame of Bhavai(Jattar):

Time to time there were addition of helpers in Lilapur’s bhavai. In which besides Lilapur, other village and other castes’ people joined like late.Shree Ranchhodbhai Gangarambhai Thakar,late.Shree ChaturbhaiPatel,late.Shree Navranglalbhai Premshankarbhai Raval,late.Shree Magabhai Nayak,late.Shree Kachrabhai Nayak etc joined in Lilapur’s Bhavai.

Brahmins were went to Ambaji with spiritual attitude in Bhavai and then went to Gabbar where they enkinled intact flame from Ma’s intact flame and went Bahuchraji through Khedbhrmah where the priest of that temple came himselfand gave “Navghari Angi of goddess Bahuchraji Ma”. Brahmins took it from priest and went to Lilapur from Viramgam. At Lilapur, in Manglaba’s house that intact flame and “Bahuchraji’s Angi” has been kept. That intact flame has been given the name of “Mangaldivo”. A person who do the bhavai he has to firstly bending this mangaldivo and than come into ground for playing.--- without any name of this association has been known as Lilapur Brahmin bhavai mandal by people.

Spiritual attitude in Bhavai(Jattar):

As time gone than new characters were added in Lilapur’s bhavai. (1)late.Shree Vishnubhai Balashankarbhai Raval (2) late.Shree Pratapraybhai Balashankarbhai Raval (3) Shree Ramshankarbhai Premshankarbhai Raval (4) late.Shree Krushnalalbhai Balashankarbhai Raval (5) late.Shree Chimanlalbhai Kalidasbhai Raval (6) late.Shree Motiji Bavaji Darbar (7) late.Shree Shivuji Jethuji (8) late.Shree Kalusha Fakir (9) late.Shree Somabhai Dokadiya(Detroj) (10)Dolabhai (11)Madhubhai Soni(12)Trikambhai Mahadevbhai Mehta(13)Shankarbhai malubhai Mehta(14)Maganbhai Valand(15)Ambhai trikambhai Mehta(16)Nauttambhai kalidasbhai raval(17)Kantibhai Devshankarbhai Mehta(18)Prahladbhai Devshankarbhai Mehta(19)Shantilalbhai Premshankar Raval(20)Ambaprasadbhai Keshavlalbhai Jani (21)Somnathbhai Girjashankarbhai Dave (22)Nauttamlalbhai Chimanlalbhai Dave(23)Baneshingbhai Darbar(Viramgam) (24)Nanubhai Jayrambhai Kumbhar (25)Kunvarjibhai Manjibhai Jakhaniya(Patel) (26)Takhatsang Vakhatsang Barad (27)Zaverbhai Ravjibhai Patel (28)Devjibhai Raghubhai Patel (29)Popatbhai Mohanbhai Jakhaniya(Patel) (30)Vaghjibhai Amthabhai Jakhaniya(Patel) (31)Somabhai Nai(Dokadiya-Lilapur) (32)Natubhai Vashrambhai Patel (33)Jehbhai Mahhobatsinh Darbar (34)Virsangbhai Rajput (35)Prabhatsang(Viramgam) (36)Bahadursinh Jethubha Rana (37)Nagarbhai Maganbhai Rana.

Rest of these many infinite bearer of Ma’s are there who has give the contribution in Lilapur’s Bhavai in time by time. Above name of the Brahmins make very good and emotional change in Bhavai like In bhavai, speking abuse words were removed and in place of that emotional phrases and sentances were put. The place where Bhavai is played, decorative “Chandni” has been made in Ujjain for binding the pavilion. Garbi with Photocopy of God-Godess has been made, Amba-Bahuchar Ma’s silver photos ans silver Trishul has been made.

There was an Trishul of iron has been put and in front of that bhavai has been done when firstly bhavai was started. Sign of that silver trishul is made and Shree Krushnalalbhai and Pratapbhai made with their own sense of idol of gramdevi of Lilapur Shree Tuljabhavani.

Thus Palakh is made for goddess’ photo and idol. In which all three goddess has been given the place whose Puja-Arti of morning and evening has been done with compalate vedic mantras. Today also when Arti has been done in downtown of lilapur than it is created amazing spiritual attitude feel like stand in some weird place. Time by time tradition of writing the card of navratri celebration has been started for that the board has given the name of Shree Mahashakti Seva Mandal and tradition of writing the card of navratri celebration has been selected on good day of Bhadarva Sud-11 (Zalzilni Ekadashi) which is continued yet today.

Reasource for the celebration of Navratri:

For organizing such an auspicious celebration of Navratri of course we need resources and for this Late Shree Vishvambharbhai Narbherambhai Raval, Late Shree Bhanubhai Balashankarbhai Raval, Late Shree Jayantilal Balashankarbhai Raval, Late Shree Maheshwarbhai Nandalalbhai Raval, Late Shree Lakshmishankarbhai Vajeshankarbhai Raval, Late Shree Balvantbhai Raval, Late Shree Jagjivanbhai Puri has donated most and in this “CHANDANI, CHANDI NO PALAKH, GARBI, DRESSES FOR BHAVAI, LIGHTS” was donated by Late Shree Vishvambharbhai Narbherambhai Raval. There are so many donators so we will add their name by the time.

Formation of Shree MahaShakti Seva Mandal – LILAPUR:

As too much time passed from the begining of the LILAPUR NAVRATRI and according to law its became a necessary to form legal trust and that is why finally legal trust created named as Shree MahaShakti Seva Mandal-LILAPUR which will continue this tradition for years in furtur. We proud to maintain this tradition called BHAVAI which is at point of its end.

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